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Are we being deceived by EC reply to Cyprus question?

EC Vice-President Ms Viviane Reding has replied to Daniel Hannan’s question concerning developer mortgages in Cyprus. However, the answer she gives fails to answer the question asked and I wonder if someone is trying to deceive the European Commission?

Massive implications for property sector & economy

Yesterday’s revelation about the illegal activities could have massive implications for Cyprus’ property sector and the Island’s economy. The Cyprus government may have no option other than to take effective action immediately.

Legal lifeline for Cyprus property buyers

Buyers can challenge purchases affected by developers’ mortgages. Once a complaint has been lodged, the Competition & Consumer Protection Service of the Cyprus Commerce Ministry is obliged to investigate.

Demolition and black-listing threat in Cyprus

The Overseas Property Professional has reported on recent developments in Cyprus with ETEK calling for the demolition of illegal building and MEP Daniel Hannan calling on the European Commission to send a fact-finding mission to Cyprus.

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