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Cyprus real estate agents – how to avoid the cowboys

A law passed in 2004 and subsequently amended in 2007 was designed to rid Cyprus of the numerous cowboy real estate agents. But unfortunately, in all of the property hot-spots, you will still find many individuals and companies trading in property illegally.

Cyprus government Title Deed proposals

Earlier today, the Cyprus Sunday Mail published an article by Antonis Loizou FRICS in which he outlined the content of the bills that have been drafted by the Cyprus government to alleviate the Title Deed issue problem faced by many property buyers.

A good time to buy

Over the last three months, prices of property in Cyprus have fallen by around three per cent, which although modest, is part of a trend that will probably be gradual. We should see more of a price reduction in the second quarter.

How to avoid buying into a bubble

It is very important how to work out what a property is actually worth, from a fundamental perspective. The Global Property Guide has written this article to help ensure you’re not over-paying!

UK updates travel advice

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office is advising Britons visiting Cyprus that “there are risks involved with purchasing property on the island of Cyprus” and that those contemplating buying property

Nicosians buy up British holiday homes

Former British holiday homes in Protaras are being bought up by Nicosia residents on steady incomes and who are able to obtain mortgages.

Cyprus to relax rules for Iranians buying property

According to a report in today’s Financial Mirror, Iranians buying property in Cyprus in excess of EUR 350,000 will be eligible to obtain residency status.

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