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Capital controls to end on Monday

President Nicos Anastasiades has announced that Cyprus will eliminate the last of the capital controls, which were imposed in April 2013 as part of a €10 billion European bailout, on Monday 6th April.

Overseas transfer limit raised to €1 million

The Cypriot authorities have increased the limit on the transfer of deposits/funds outside the Republic to €1,000,000/month/person/credit institution, up from the previous €50,000/month.

Cyprus raises overseas transfer limit

The Cypriot authorities have eased the restrictions on the movement of capital overseas; individuals will be able to transfer up to €50,000 a month out of the country from Monday 16th February.

Monthly money transfer limit doubled

Those who have sold their property in Cyprus and wish to transfer the money to their home countries will be relieved to hear that Finance Ministry has doubled the monthly transfer limit.

Capital restrictions eased

The Cypriot authorities have eased the restrictions on capital movement imposed in April 2013 following the bailout crisis; individuals may now transfer up to €10,000 a month out of the country.

Cyprus relaxes most domestic capital controls

The Finance Ministry said in a statement Friday that a prohibition on cashing checks as well as caps on domestic transactions and payments that don’t require central bank vetting have been removed.

Cyprus scraps maximum daily cash withdrawal limits

The Finance Ministry has issued a decree scrapping the daily cash withdrawal limits from bank accounts one year after Cyprus imposed capital controls to prevent economic meltdown.

Capital controls eased further

Before the capital controls involving money transfers abroad are scrapped, enabling those who have sold their homes to repatriate the proceeds more easily, domestic controls will be fully eased first.

Capital controls could be lifted by year-end

The capital controls that currently hinder the repatriation of proceeds from the sale of property in Cyprus could be lifted by the end of the year if substantive progress is made on the economic adjustment programme.

Capital controls to end in January 2014

Cyprus plans to lift all restrictions on the movement of money in January 2014 after becoming the first euro member to seize bank deposits and impose capital controls to avert a financial collapse.

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