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Cyprus property construction costs

The Cyprus Statistical Service (CySTAT) has just published a report detailing the construction costs of Cyprus property, including houses, apartments, holiday apartments, hotels, etc.

Prices in Cyprus down & worse to come

Prices and demand for property have been falling across Cyprus since autumn 2008; Limassol is the only town where prices are still moving upwards.

How to avoid buying into a bubble

It is very important how to work out what a property is actually worth, from a fundamental perspective. The Global Property Guide has written this article to help ensure you’re not over-paying!

Cyprus property and construction statistics for 2007

THE CYPRUS Statistical Service (CYSTAT) has published the annual report “Construction and Housing Statistics, 2007” containing detailed information relating to the property sector including the number of new properties completed, construction costs, building permits authorised, etc. During 2007, the main developments in the construction sector were: Growth – The sector continued to record a positive […]

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