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Cyprus Property Action Group report

In its latest update, the Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) says that as a result of the persistent lobbying of the European Union and MEPs that changes will come about to resolve the problems in the island’s property industry.

CPAG’s Denis O’Hare interview with Rosie Charalambous

Cyprus property action group spokesman Denis O’Hare was interviewed on Cyprus radio channel CyBC 2 by Rosie Charalambous about the Island’s unfair commercial practices law.

Bigger and more strident Cyprus campaign group?

The recent writ against Denis O’Hare which led to the closure of the Cyprus Property Action Group website could result in the setting up of a bigger more strident organisation to campaign for the rights of property buyers in Cyprus.

CPAG update on transfer taxes and IPT

Earlier today CPAG, the Cyprus Property Action Group, issued an update regarding transfer taxes (Property Transfer Fees) and IPT (Immovable Property Tax)

Property group condemns Title Deeds laws

Just how much damage to the economy, the image of Cyprus and people’s lives will have been caused before the Government shoulders its responsibilities and resolves the Title Deeds issue once and for all?

Title Deed legislation too late for Paphos home ‘owners’

The Cyprus Interior Minister’s insistence that property investment in Cyprus is safe is of little comfort to a number of property buyers in Paphos whose developer has gone into liquidation and who face losing their homes.

Has McCarthyism come to Cyprus?

The Cyprus Interior Minister’s conviction that those campaigning for their property rights have ulterior motives is ridiculous. It is inconceivable that a senior government minister could believe such bizarre conspiracy theories about a chronic problem for which the island’s authorities are entirely to blame.

Action group organises demonstration

CPAG is organising a peaceful demonstration against the Cyprus Government, which will take place

EU petition launched on Title Deeds

The Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) has launched an online petition to the European Parliament on articles 17 and 38 in EU law, which it says are being violated by the ‘unregulated’ property sector in Cyprus.

End in sight to Title Deed saga?

The main reason in most cases is that currently land owned by developers can be mortgaged again and again, leaving those who bought properties without their Title Deeds for anything up to 20 years. The average waiting time, even for Cypriot buyers is 12 years.

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