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Cyprus: Surge in new home construction

Building permits authorised in Cyprus during September 2019 provided for the construction of 1,114 new homes, compared with 576 in September 2018 according to official figures published by the Statistical Service.

November saw slight fall in property sales

There was a slight fall in Cyprus property sales during November compared to the corresponding month last year according to the latest official figures released by the Department of Lands and Surveys.

EC wants answers to risky citizenships

The European Commission has asked Nicosia whether it would investigate “possible misconduct” in the scandal involving the granting of Cypriot citizenship of 26 high-risk individuals.

New scheme to speed building permits by 2022

A new scheme to simplify and speed up building permits should be fully rolled out by 2022 provided that 18 other actions take place, including amendments to the law and ministerial orders.

Names of 25 citizenship investors revealed

The names of 25 of the 26 investors from whom Cyprus is in the process of revoking citizenship have been named; nine Russians, eight Cambodians, five Chinese, two Kenyans and one Malaysian.

Cyprus real estate market review

The PwC Cyprus Real Estate Market review for the 1st half of 2019 reveals that a quarter of all property transactions took place in April, just before stricter criteria were introduced for those applying for citizenship.

Estia scheme falling flat on its face

The Cyprus non-performing loans scheme, Estia, is probably falling flat on its face; applicants need to complete 30 pages with their family income and property details and include 40 to 50 other documents.

Radical justice reforms on the way

The government is determined to introduce radical reforms to the justice system to do away with lengthy delays and restore confidence among quality investors turned-off by the legal labyrinth.

Paphos marina may have cruise ship facilities

The cabinet has given the green light for a study that will look into the possibility of building facilities for cruise ships as part of a proposed Paphos marina at Kissonerga Potima Bay to the north of the town.

Smaller rise in new home building permits

Building permits authorised in Cyprus during August 2019 provided for the construction of 525 new homes, compared with 453 in August 2018 according to official figures published by the Cyprus Statistical Service.

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