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Rise in property sales led by local & EU buyers

The rise in property sales during September was led by local and overseas buyers from the EU who between them purchased 47 (10%) more properties than September 2018 say official figures.

Chinese investors in €30 million property deal

Chinese investors have secured land amounting to 32,271 sqm. in the Tsiflikoudia area of Limassol to the north of the marina in a €30 million deal with the Bank of Cyprus’ Real Estate Management Unit (REMU).

Foreign demand for Cyprus property slumps

Demand for Cyprus property by non-EU nationals has fallen, but it’s unclear whether this is due to the stricter controls imposed by government following criticism by the European Union.

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Cyprus property construction costs

The Cyprus Statistical Service (CySTAT) has just published a report detailing the construction costs of Cyprus property, including houses, apartments, holiday apartments, hotels, etc.

Cyprus property sales fall in all market segments

The 17 per cent reduction in Cyprus property sales during June was due to a slowdown in all segments of the market according to official figures published by the Department of Lands & Surveys.

June saw Cyprus property sales slump

The number of Cyprus property sales in June fell 17 per cent compared to June 2018 but at the time of publishing we cannot say whether it’s due to a fall in domestic or foreign sales (or both).

Cyprus property news recovers after attack

Cyprus Property news has fully recovered following what is thought to be a DOS or a dDDOS attack that flooded the CPN server with traffic, which eventually resulted in it crashing; no data was compromised.

Property auction process may get harder for banks

Opposition parties trying to introduce legislation designed to slow down the property auction process by introducing twelve points, but have yet to get the required majority for it to pass.

Call for action over sky-high rents

As rents in Cyprus reach new heights with every passing month, pressure is building on the government to take affirmative action to ensure affordable accommodation for working families.

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