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Property developer jailed

Property developer Kypros Kyprianou, owner of Famagusta Developers, has been sentenced to sixty months imprisonment after being found guilty of charges relating to forgery and theft.

Cyprus police name K & M Famagusta developers

In a move designed to protect the public, the police have named the Cyprus property developer under investigation for several cases of alleged fraud including selling the same property twice.

Cyprus property developer under police investigation

The police are investigating a Cyprus property developer who is alleged to have sold the same apartment twice; a situation that might have been avoided if the Land Registry were doing their job properly.

Property awarded to couple after legal battle

A BRITISH couple came very close to losing their €680,000 property at Ayia Thekla in Cyprus when their developer sold it to someone else behind their backs. According to Yiannos Georgiades, the couple’s present lawyer, the two Britons set up a company and bought the property in Ayia Thekla, which they planned to rent out. […]

Protest by Limassol property developers in crisis

A PROTEST by Limassol property developers against the increased bank interest rates this week revealed just how concerned some professionals in the real estate sector have become. Even more worrying for developers, however, is that Cyprus banks have almost stopped giving out loans to property buyers. This has reduced demand for houses, while their availability […]

Golf properties at Tersefanou

ACCORDING to Overseas Property Professional, a consortium of Cypriot developers known as the Med Group is expecting to receive the go ahead for a €300 million golf resort project at Tersefanou within the next few months. Known as the Larnaca Golf and Country Club, the development will comprise an 18-hole golf course, with more than […]

Aristo sales down

Dolphin Capital Investors, the company with a sizeable stake in Aristo Developers (Aristo), published its results earlier this week: “Total home sales booked by Aristo as at 31 August 2008 of €79 million, 37% lower than the corresponding record breaking period of 2007 mainly due to a slowdown in demand by UK buyers.” (Founded in […]

New swimming pool laws bring relief

The Cyprus government is looking into changing the laws concerning swimming pools will bring relief to many people who have bought property in Cyprus. Under current legislation, communal swimming pools in private developments are treated as public swimming pools.

How to reduce your risks when buying off plan

If you’re buying an off-plan property in Cyprus for which Planning and Building permits have not been issued, the easiest way to reduce the risks and protect your interests is to put your stage other payments in escrow until such time as the property developer presents the required permits to your escrow agent.

Who really owns your home?

WITH the Cyprus property market finally slowing down and more disreputable developers entering the fray, an increasing number of property buyers could be at risk of losing their homes. Last month, the Inland Revenue Department released figures showing that Capital Gains Tax revenue on property sales dropped 17 per cent in the first four months […]

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