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Pledge to protect paid-up buyers

Following President Anastasiades rejection of the ‘home buyers protection bill’ the Interior Minister has instructed the House of Representatives to draft a bill to protect paid-up buyers from repossession.

President abandons home buyers

In a move that many consider will destroy the island’s property market, President Anastasiades has rejected the ‘home buyers’ protection bill’ passed by Parliament on 19th March.

Limitation time bomb six month fuse delay

The one year transition period provided for in the limitation law that Cyprus introduced in 2012 has been extended by six months following an agreement reached by parliament earlier this week.

VAT reduction for first-time home buyers agreed

A compromise deal has been reached on a reduction in the VAT payable on new homes by first-time buyers. The law will come into effect on 1st October.

British home buyer loses case in court ruling

A judge has ruled that British home buyer Conor O’Dwyer’s private criminal prosecution against Karayiannas and Michelle McDonald has not been proven and has ordered Mr O’Dwyer to pay their costs.

Title Deed solution soon?

Yesterday, the Cyprus parliament began discussions on the bills that aim to put an end to the difficulties faced by Cypriot and foreign property buyers in acquiring their Title Deeds.

Property buyers at risk as second developer collapses

More people face loosing their homes in Cyprus as a second property developer is liquidated. Buyers of A&G built properties without Title Deeds have been left at the mercy of the banks.

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