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Call for higher IPT discounts

Opposition political parties DIKO and DISY called for a bigger discount on Immovable Property Tax (IPT) on Monday arguing that the state stands to collect more revenue than required.

Immovable Property Tax discount

The Cyprus cabinet has approved a bill to provide a discount on Immovable Property Tax for early-bird payers and extend the deadline for paying the property tax by two months until 30 November.

Immovable Property Tax 1980 values

The Cyprus government has decided that 2015’s Immovable Property Tax will be calculated on 1980 values and that the charges levied by municipalities and communities will remain the same as last year.

Immovable Property Tax 2015

Revised Immovable Property Tax rates for 2015 are contained in one of a series of bills submitted by the Cyprus government to parliament, which are aimed at modernising the island’s taxation system.

Property taxes to merge

The Cyprus government has plans to submit a bill to parliament that will integrate Immovable Property Tax and municipal taxes before parliament closes for the summer recess.

Immovable Property Tax highs & lows

A month before the deadline for paying Immovable Property Tax expired, the Cyprus government collected in excess of 100 million Euros. However a number of long-standing problems have been highlighted.

Property revaluation appeal deadline extended

In the wake of many complaints from those who believe their property has been incorrectly revalued, the government has extended the deadline for receiving objections to 25 April 2015.

Tardy developers fail to pay IPT

According to an official from the Inland Revenue Department only a small number of property developers had settled their outstanding Immovable Property Tax (IPT) obligations.

IPT payment deadline extended

The deadline for paying Immovable Property Tax (IPT) has been extended until 31st December and taxpayers will receive a 15 per cent discount if they pay before 30th November.

IPT payment extension anticipated

EDEK MP, Nicos Nicolaides, has proposed that the deadline for paying Immovable Property Tax (IPT) is extended until 31st December and that the early payment discount is extended by a month.

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