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Construction quality of new homes set to improve

The first insurance provider offering a 10-year warranty against hidden (latent) defects for newly built and converted homes and commercial property has established a presence on the island.

Do not be fooled by guaranteed Title Deeds

In efforts to promote sales in Cyprus, some developers are advertising their properties with ‘Guaranteed Title Deeds’; do not allow yourself to be fooled.

Insurance of Cyprus apartments & building complexes

In a follow up article to ‘Managing Cyprus Apartments and Building Complexes’ Miltiades Miltiadou, the General Manager of Chartis Cyprus, writes about the insurance of jointly-owned buildings.

Managing Cyprus apartments and building complexes

Many people buying apartments in Cyprus and units in building complexes are unaware of how they are managed and their obligations. Louise Zambartas explains.

Communal service charges

Is it correct that communal service charges are based on the on the size of the building/flat excluding gardens, open verandas etc?

Common expenses & insurance in Cyprus

Those buying apartments in Cyprus and some other types of property often fail to appreciate that they are required to contribute towards the costs of insuring, maintaining and repairing those parts of the building/complex that they share with others.

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