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Improving real estate investor confidence

In efforts to increase investor confidence in real estate, RICS and 15 other global property organisations have come together to address the issue of inconsistencies in the methods of property measurement.

Crisis shakes overseas investor confidence

Honorary president of the Cyprus chapter of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), Nicolas Lemonaris, has said that the financial crisis has shaken the confidence of potential foreign investors.

Will Cyprus follow Dubai initiative to protect investors

Cyprus is not the only property market suffering from a lack of overseas investment. Next month, Dubai plans to introduce legislation designed to protect investors enabling them to obtain a full refund.

Domestic sales improve – overseas sales decline

Although the number of properties sold to Cypriot buyers improved for a second consecutive month in January, there is still no sign of a recovery in the Island’s overseas property market where the number of sales continues to decline.

Slump in property sales to overseas buyers deepens

Just six properties were purchased in Nicosia by overseas property buyers in November, while the total number of overseas sales during the month was down by 43 percent on the number sold in November 2010.

Title Deed legislation will destroy property market

Rather than resolving the Cyprus Title Deeds-cum-fraud mess, the proposed legislation will destroy what vestiges of confidence remain in the Island’s overseas property market and will possibly result in its collapse.

2011 property market predictions

What does the coming year hold in store for the Cyprus property market? Pundits predict that things will be much the same as last year, but 2011 has not got off to an auspicious start.

More than ninety percent say no

Would you buy a property in Cyprus without a Title Deed? More than ninety percent of our readers answered no.

Our View: Title Deed bill is sheer lunacy

The legal changes proposed to protect property buyers from the abusive practices of developers are sheer lunacy and will do nothing to restore overseas investor confidence in the Cyprus property market.

Cyprus property sales statistics (April 2010)

Property sales in April indicate that the recovery of the Cyprus property market may have faltered, although it is not clear why this has occurred.

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