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Issue of Building Permit for Cyprus Property

I have read your book and as I understand it, Planning Permission must be granted before applying for a Building Permit.Is my understanding correct or can my architect apply for a building permit at the same time? Many thanks Answer That’s right, your architect usually needs to have secured Planning Permission before he/she can apply […]

Cyprus Property: Getting Right-of-Way

I have a plot which does not have direct access to the public highway; can you advise me how to about getting access to my property officially? I understand that if it is within 300′ from a road then you can get it, but I’m not sure of the procedure. It’s quite possible you have […]

Property Buyers Warning

There are many retired Britons living in Cyprus who prey on the fears (and wallets) of their fellow countrymen. Acting illegally as property middlemen, they receive a finders fee or commission from their ‘friends’ in the property business when they introduce would-be purchasers. It makes no difference whether you allow yourself to be conned by […]

Financing of Real Estate Acquisitions in Cyprus

Securing finance for the acquisition of real estate is being developing constantly in Cyprus. The financial institutions up to the year 2003 did not look upon financing for such purposes, as being an attractive proposition for them and the amount of the loans was around up to 50% of the purchase price and with a […]

Common Expenses

Last year we took delivery of a new property in Cyprus. It is a holiday flat at Kissonerga in Pathos. A couple of weeks ago, we received a bill from the developer for what he calls ‘Common Expenses’. We sent him an email asking him to tell us what this is for but he hasn’t […]

Buying Land in Cyprus

Buying Land in Cyprus Many thanks for the information about the roof for our property in Cyprus. In your reply, you say that our architect will be able to advise us of the costs of the various options. We don’t have an architect, but we’ve seen a plot of land we like and the person […]

Capital Gains Tax on the Sale of Property in Cyprus

Due to our increasing age and failing health, my wife and I have decided to sell our property in Cyprus and return to the UK. Someone has told me that we’ll have to pay Capital Gain Tax. Is this true? Answer Thanks for your email, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having to sell up […]

Can the Property Developer Do This?

Question I recently put a deposit on property in Cyprus; an apartment in Paphos. It’s a resale property that was bought by the present owners off plan. Unfortunately the developer who built the apartment is being awkward and is reluctant/refusing to sign the release(?) agreement. Can he do this? I understand the property is registered […]

Cyprus Warns Foreign Companies to Refrain from Land Deals in North

INTERIOR Minister Neo?lis Silikiotis said that companies which engage in illegal sale or purchase of Greek Cypriot properties in the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus will not be allowed to operate in the Republic of Cyprus. The Minister made the comment after a meeting with US Ambassador to Cyprus Ronald Schlicher during which they discussed […]

Buying Property in Cyprus – What to Buy?

Whether buyers are looking for new or resale property in Cyprus, the choice and price range seem almost endless. In recent months I’ve seen properties advertised for as little as 20,000 and as much as 4,000,000! The majority of expatriates buying property in Cyprus will buy ‘off-plan’ from one of the many property development companies. […]

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