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Title Deeds issued at last for Froiber Group buyers

Liquidators appointed to handle six of the eight companies comprising the Froiber Group has completed the work necessary to get Title Deeds issued for eight apartment buildings; efforts are concentrated on the rest.

Meeting of Y Liasides Developers Ltd purchasers

Purchasers of Y Liasides Developers Ltd properties are invited to attend a meeting convened by the liquidator of the company at the Amathus Beach Hotel in Paphos (Cyprus) on 28th June 2013.

Alpha Bank moves to repossess homes built by Liasides

More than 100 people face losing their homes following applications filed by the Alpha Bank to auction eight plots of land that it mortgaged to bankrupt property developer Yiannis Liasides.

SNK Venus & SNK Exclusive meeting of creditors

Buyers of property in Cyprus from SNK Venus Home Developers Ltd and SNK Exclusive Properties Ltd are advised that a combined meeting of creditors will be held on June 24 in at the offices of Corporate Recovery & Insolvency Group (CRI) in Nicosia.

Home buyers may lose their properties

Some forty property buyers in Cyprus may be left at the mercy of the bank and face the prospect of losing their homes following a move to liquidate a property developer with debts of around €3 million.

Pay your developer’s debts or else!

People who bought property from the company operating the Froiber brand in Cyprus (A&G Property Wise Development Ltd) that went into liquidation last year are being chased by the banks and the tax authorities to repay the developer’s debts – or else!

Property buyers at risk as second developer collapses

More people face loosing their homes in Cyprus as a second property developer is liquidated. Buyers of A&G built properties without Title Deeds have been left at the mercy of the banks.

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