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What the new foreclosure bills mean

The new foreclosure bills passed by the Cyprus parliament expedites foreclosure proceedings, makes it easier for financial institutions to remove bad loans from their balance sheets, and increases the number of borrowers eligible for insolvency schemes.

Banks forced to compensate forex borrowers

On Friday the Hungarian parliament passed a law forcing banks to compensate borrowers for “unfair” conditions in mainly forex loans in the years leading up to the financial crisis.

Title Deed problems resolved by new bills?

According to Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis the four bills recently approved by parliament will resolve the Island’s long-standing Title Deed problem.

Revised Cyprus Title Deeds laws by May?

Amendments to various laws designed to resolve the Cyprus Title Deeds-cum-fraud mess could be complete and voted through before parliamentary elections in May.

A new dawn for the Cyprus property market?

Next year could see the dawning of a new era in the Island’s property market following the introduction of the proposed changes to the property laws; Andreas D. Symeon explains.

Title Deed reforms before Cyprus parliament soon

Neoclis Silikiotis, the Cyprus Interior Minister, has told Stockwatch that the five bills aimed at speeding up the issue of Title Deeds will be submitted to the Council of Ministers and the Island’s Parliament shortly.

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