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Call for BBC to investigate Cyprus property issues

A petition has been launched calling on BBC Panorama Current Affairs to investigate and report on the issues facing UK citizens who purchased off plan properties in the Republic of Cyprus.

Petition to stop Alpha Bank repossessing homes

A petition has been launched calling on the Interior Ministry and the Land Registry to reject any application made by the Alpha Bank to auction land to recover money owed to it by the bankrupt developer Yiannis Liasides.

Number 10 replies to Cyprus petitioners

More than 2,000 people added their names to a UK Government’s Number 10 e-petition urging the Prime Minister to exert pressure on the Government of Cyprus to protect property rights.

Cyprus petition deadline approaches

The deadline is approaching to add your name to the on-line petition calling on Gordon Brown to put pressure on the Cyprus Government to protect the rights of property buyers

EU petition launched on Title Deeds

The Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) has launched an online petition to the European Parliament on articles 17 and 38 in EU law, which it says are being violated by the ‘unregulated’ property sector in Cyprus.

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