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Property prices will continue to fall in 2012

Seventy percent of those who voted in a recent online poll conducted by the Cyprus Property News believe that property prices on the Island will continue to fall during 2012, while eleven percent believe they will increase.

Title deeds are key to restoring market confidence

When asked our readers their opinion on the most important factor in getting the Cyprus property market back on its feet, more than half replied that Title Deeds should be readily available on delivery of a property.

The Cypriot real estate market will recover when…

Many reasons have been given for the decline in sales of property in Cyprus in recent times. In our latest ‘Have your Say’ poll we are asking our readers what needs to be done to set the beleaguered real estate market on the road to recover.

Property sales will continue to fall

When asked the question will the volume property sales increase or decrease this year, more than eighty percent of readers said they will fall.

More than ninety percent say no

Would you buy a property in Cyprus without a Title Deed? More than ninety percent of our readers answered no.

I would not have bought in Cyprus had I known

An overwhelming number of our readers would not have bought a property in Cyprus had they known that their developer had mortgaged the land on which it was built.

Twenty year wait for Cyprus Title Deeds

According to a recent on-line poll conducted by Cyprus Property News, one person out of every twenty-two who has bought property on the island has been waiting for their Title Deeds for more than 20 years.

Property prices to fall say 80%

More than 50% of those who voted in a recent poll conducted by the Cyprus Property Magazine believe that real estate prices will fall by more than 10% during 2009.

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