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Estate Agents’ Commission

By Antonis Loizou & Associates Limited – Chartered Surveyors & Property Consultants IN CYPRUS, the Estate Agents’ law regulates the profession and sets out the rights and duties of the estate agents. All estate agents must be registered with the Registrar and obtain a licence, otherwise no- one can call himself an estate agent or […]

Property Prices Slip for Second Month in a Row

Central Bank influence being felt? Property prices slipped for the second month in a row in October according to the BuySell Home Price index, dropping by 0.9% over the previous month, after a fall of 0.8% in September. However, prices are still 6.7% higher than they were in January and 5.7% higher than in October […]

Paying the Price for Rampant Development

DEPUTIES yesterday blamed over development for the catastrophic consequences of recent thunderstorms in Paphos, which killed two people and wrecked buildings and crops. “Nature may be slow, but it is punishing,” said DISY Deputy Costas Constantinou during yesterday’s meeting of the House Interior Committee, which met to discuss the possible responsibilities of local authorities and […]

The Cyprus Property Title Deeds Issue

IT IS a fact that it takes a long time to secure a title deed for new property and this creates serious problems regarding ownership, finance, re-sale and other matters. At this point of time there is a serious debate taking place in the House of Representatives on the subject, but we have not detected […]

Cyprus Property Boom in Danger of Pricing Itself into Obscurity

IRRESPONSIBLE. When high-ranking government officials come out and say that the price of something is going up, the public generally believe them. Unfortunately, what also happens is that the people involved in selling also listen, and put their prices up, whether the rise is warranted or not. The current property boom is in serious danger […]

Property Inspection Trips: The Pros and Cons

There is value in seeing developments for yourself, but only if you are not pressured to put down a deposit straight away and you are allowed to make a decision back at home – and if you have researched other agents and property in your country of choice. If you purchase a property at an […]

Cyprus Could Suffer from Nightmare Property Red Tape

IF THE problem with the title deeds is not resolved soon, Cyprus will suffer irreparable damages both on a local and an international scale, chartered surveyor and property appraiser Antonis Loizou warned yesterday. Loizou was speaking after a meeting of the House Commerce Committee, which discussed the difficulties faced by house buyers. The property appraiser […]

Planning Changes Spark Controversy

EVEN before they are fully published, the Local Plans, extending the building zones in the major towns, are causing widespread controversy. What is causing the debate is the provision allowing detached homes to be built outside residential areas on agricultural land on the outskirts of urban centres. Explaining the finalisation of the plans by the […]

Cost of Construction up 3.9%

According to CYSTAT data released on Monday, the Building Material Price Index recorded an increase of 3.9% in September 2006. Specifically, the price of electromechanical and industrial products showed an increase of 4.7% and 4.5% respectively, the increase in the price of oil products fell to 4.3% and the price of timber, stones and quarry […]

Where are the Best Areas to Buy Rental Property in Cyprus

Question We’re thinking about buying an Apartment, which we will need to rent out, what are the best areas to look at? Answer First, Do not go into the market with a buy-to-let strategy. You will most almost certainly find that rental yields are much lower than ‘promised’. A number of developers offer ‘guaranteed rental […]

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