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Property developers & banks face legal action

The Cyprus Consumer Protection Service (CCPS) has registered 56 applications at court against property developers and banks in connection...

Developers want more from residency scheme

Following the collapse of the Cyprus Citizenship for Investment Scheme, developers of large projects urge the government to make...

Developers call to end ‘golden passports’ debate

The Association of Large Property Developers has called on those engaging in public criticism of Cyprus' Citizenship for Investment...

Property developer fined for unfair commercial practices

Larnaca based property developer Stelios Georgiou Property Limited has been fined €70,000 by the Cyprus Consumer Protection Service (CCPS)...

Developers seek to self-finance projects

Property developers are looking to self-finance construction projects due foreign investors fearing possible difficulties obtaining Title Deeds if developments are mortgaged and banks imposing stricter criteria for granting loans.

How many trapped buyers?

Earlier today the Greek language newspaper ??????? (Daybreak) published statistics on the number of trapped buyers unable to get their Title Deeds because of various unpaid developer debts.

“The problem is huge” says director

No-one knows precisely how many properties that are burdened with a developer's mortgage have been sold to unsuspecting buyers, but the problem is huge says the Director of the Department of Lands and Surveys.

Cyprus major tax debtors list

Cyprus Finance Minister Haris Georgiades' list of the top 50 tax debtors includes property developers, large football clubs and hoteliers and has been published in the public interest by Stockwatch.

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