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1st October 2022
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Property prices rose in third quarter

Property prices in Cyprus rose 2.5 percent during the third quarter of 2015 compared with the corresponding period of the previous year according to figures published on Wednesday in a Eurostat news release.

Home prices fell in first quarter

Home prices in Cyprus fell by an average of 1 per cent during the first quarter of 2015 compared to the previous quarter according the latest issue of the Cyprus Central Bank's Residential Property Price Index.

Building permits down 10% in the first quarter

The number of building permits issued in March increased compared with the corresponding month of last year, but their numbers have declined 10.3% during the first quarter of 2014.

Price falls slowed in Quarter 2 2010

Cyprus property prices fell at a slower pace during the second quarter of 2010 with Cypriot buyers starting to return to the market according to the recently published RICS Cyprus property price index.

Property prices fell in Quarter 1 2010

RICS Cyprus has published the second edition of its quarterly Property Price Index showing a fall in the prices of residential apartments and houses and a general fall in value of commercial properties during the quarter.

Cyprus property prices fall in fourth quarter

HOUSE prices in Cyprus withstood overall the global property market recession, recording a slight increase during 2008. However, prices...

Cyprus property prices up in third quarter

HOUSE prices in Cyprus, in the third quarter of 2008, remain resilient despite the worsening global economic conditions. From...

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