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Foreign demand for Cyprus property slumps

Demand for Cyprus property by non-EU nationals has fallen, but it’s unclear whether this is due to the stricter controls imposed by government following criticism by the European Union.

Building permits slump 39 per cent

The decline in the island’s construction sector continued in October according to the latest figures released by the Cyprus Statistical Service with the number of building permits authorised during the month falling 39 percent.

Property sales slump slows

Although property sales during the month of November was less than the number sold in the same month last year, the annual rate of decline has slowed to 41 percent according to the latest Land Registry statistics.

Nightmare slump in sales continues

Less than three weeks after Cyprus was hailed as the world’s weakest housing market, the nightmare slump in property sales continues according to the latest figures from the Land Registry.

Slump in construction activity continues

The Cyprus construction industry’s slump continued in July with building permit numbers rising slightly compared to July last year, according to the latest figures from the Cyprus Statistical Service.

Construction sector hits rock bottom

The construction sector, one of the island’s key economic drivers, is in free-fall and the outlook is extremely bleak with only an estimated seven months of pending construction contracts on the books.

No respite as property slump continues in 2012

Property and rent prices have continued to drop in the first quarter of 2012, making it harder for the Cyprus market to exit the slump, a spokesman for RICS Cyprus said on Wednesday.

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