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Pension Christmas present from HMRC

Amendments to the 2018 Double Taxation Convention between the UK and Cyprus allow those in receipt of Government service pensions to choose whether to pay tax on that pension to the UK or Cypriot authorities.

Tax shock for British residents in Cyprus

The revised UK and Cyprus Double Taxation Convention, which was signed on 22 March, could result in higher taxes for some retired British residents in Cyprus whose pensions are paid by the UK Government.

Land Registry secrecy and mistrust

While the Land Registry refuses to disclose methodologies it employs to value properties it merely reinforces the atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust that pervades the Cyprus property market.

Property values call for transparency

The chairman of the Cyprus Technical Chamber (ETEK) has argued that the government should make public the methodology used to reappraise property values to 2013 prices for taxation purposes.

Only sick minds could have thought up property tax

Although the troika proposed that property taxes should raise €20 million/annum, the government drafted a bill that would raise ten times that figure according to some calculations.

VAT and other tax reductions on the table

VAT reductions for first-time home buyers and a suspension of transfer fees are being discussed as part of the Cyprus government’s austerity measures to bolster the Island’s failing economy.

Will Cyprus follow Spain’s example

Will Cyprus follow the example of Spain where the government plans to halve the VAT payable on the sale of newly built housing until the end of the year in an effort to boost its property market?

Austerity measures will add to property industry woes

The austerity package aimed at bolstering the failing economy unveiled by the government last Wednesday will only add to the chronic problems facing the Island’s property industry.

Developers association calls for tax review

The Cyprus Land & Building Developers Association has proposed as series of measures, including a tax review, that it believes will help stimulate the Island’s beleaguered property industry.

Cyprus government set to increase property tax

The government of Cyprus is expecting to collect an additional €10 million to €20 million in taxes from property owners in a bill designed to increase state revenues to combat the recession.

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