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Perdikis to raise property law deficiencies in House

Cyprus MP George Perdikis is to question the House of Representatives over deficiencies in a law introduced last year that are preventing residents of leasehold properties Harbour Shore Estates at Coral Bay from getting their Title Deeds.

Title Deeds hopes dashed by latest property legislation

Residents of the Harbour Shore Estates at Coral Bay, some of whom have been waiting for their Title Deeds for more than 30 years, have found that the new Specific Performance Law introduced last year may have ruined their chances.

Bill to give more powers to Land Registry Directors

Land Registry Directors may soon be given powers to ease the issue of Title Deeds to individual owners of co-owned property in cases where one or more of the co-owners refuses to cooperate.

Forty thousand non-Cypriots caught in Title Deed trap

Despite government efforts to speed the issue of Title Deeds, the number of non-Cypriot buyers waiting for their deeds continues to grow and now stands at more that 40,000 according to the Department of Lands and Surveys.

EU seeks answers from Cyprus on Title Deeds

Cyprus has until early January to reply to a memo from the EU following a petition by the Cyprus Property Action Group and 41 MEPs calling for confirmation that withholding Title Deeds breaches EU fair practice laws.

Title deeds are key to restoring market confidence

When asked our readers their opinion on the most important factor in getting the Cyprus property market back on its feet, more than half replied that Title Deeds should be readily available on delivery of a property.

Legislation changes will not end Title Deed nightmare

The tardy, dishonest and purposefully complex manner in which Cyprus chooses to sell property will rebound explosively on those involved in the supply chain; the town planning amnesty will bring no peace.

Around 28,000 Title Deeds issued since 2009

Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis has said that around 28,000 Title Deeds have been issued since 2009 following the introduction of new mechanisms and greater coordination between the relevant services.

Town planning amnesty presentation at Paphos UKCA

The Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) will be giving a presentation on the provisions of the Town Planning Amnesty laws at the Paphos UKCA on Saturday, 27th of August starting at 10:00 am. All are welcome to attend.

Property title deed transfers fell in July

The number of properties in Cyprus transferred to their new owners fell during July, possibly as a result of the crippling power cuts that we all have to endure and the lack of office air-conditioning in the blistering summer heat.

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