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Town Planning Amnesty statement of intent DIY guide

People who have bought property in Cyprus and have yet to receive their Title Deeds can file a Statement of Intent to apply for their Title Deeds under the provisions of the Island’s Town Planning Amnesty laws.

Ministry of Interior planning amnesty announcement

The Ministry of Interior has recently made the following announcement concerning the submission of applications under the recently announced Planning Amnesty laws.

EC asked to rule on unfair commercial practices

The Island’s property laws and consumers’ rights are about to come under the scrutiny of the European Commission following a written question to the European Parliament by Irish MEP Seán Kelly.

Property transfers continue to improve

Latest figures to come out of the Department of Land and Surveys show that the number of properties being transferred at District Lands Offices across Cyprus is continuing to improve.

New specific performance law increases safeguards

Designed to provide added protection for those buying property on the Island, a new Specific Performance law will come into force in Cyprus shortly that will replace the existing ‘Sale of Land (Specific Performance) Law’.

Cyprus Title Deed campaign gathers pace

An estimated 50,000 Cypriot property owners moved closer to getting their Title Deeds this week, after MEPs, British leaders and the European Commission rallied to pressure Cypriot authorities to enforce EU law.

Comments on property issues provoke sharp reaction

Observations made UK Minster for Europe David Lidington about the Title Deed ‘problems’ in the north and south of the Island provoked a sharp reaction from the Cyprus government.

We will get your Title Deeds for a price

A number of organisations have contacted buyers who have yet to receive Title Deeds for their property offering to apply for their issuance under the recently passed ‘Town Planning Amnesty’ laws.

Market stagnant despite price cuts

The global recession, the Title Deed fiasco, greed, stricter bank lending criteria and high interest rates blamed for stagnant property market as plummeting house prices fail to ignite sales.

Title deed transfers on steroids

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of Title Deed transfers carried out by Land Registry Offices throughout Cyprus since the start of the year.

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