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British police probe Cyprus villas scam

British police are investigating an Internet scam in which Britons paid and sister websites for non-existent Cyprus holiday villas after adverts appeared on villa rental sites Holiday-Rentals and

HM Government replies to Lord Jones

“Those contemplating buying property in Cyprus must proceed with caution and seek qualified legal advice from a source that is independent from anyone else involved in the transaction.”

Ban Cyprus property companies and close their UK offices

Lord Jones of Cheltenham has called on the British government to close the UK offices of Cypriot companies selling property and to ban the promotion of Cyprus property at overseas property exhibitions.

Cyprus property exchange schemes target UK homeowners

There’s a very real possibility that you could end up buying a property being blissfully unaware that it’s mortgaged; you’ll only discover this later, when you come to sell the property or when the bank comes knocking on the door to repossess it because the developer has not repaid the loan.

FCO raises warning level

Buying a Greek Cypriot owned property in the Turkish occupied areas without the owner’s consent is a criminal offence, carrying a maximum prison sentence of 7 years and any attempt to undertake such a transaction could result in a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Cyprus Title Deeds: Miliband waits for action

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Chancellor Alistair Darling have been in communication regarding the ongoing Cyprus Title Deed saga

Is buying property in Cyprus as safe as houses?

WHEN you buy a property in Cyprus, your right to ownership is guaranteed under the law. Depositing your contract of sale at the Land Registry allegedly prevents the vendor from selling it to someone else; or does it? According to the Cyprus Interior Ministry: “The deposit of a contract of sale at the Department of […]

Property buyers get “one finger salute” from Government

Home buyers and property investors will be outraged to learn that the Cyprus Government has given them a “one finger salute” by refusing to take action against property developers who illegally demand money from them under the guise of ‘Immovable Property Tax‘. A widely reported example of this scam involves an 83 year old British […]

Can we get our money back?

WE are new to all this and hoping for some help and advice. We paid a reservation fee of £2,500 to an overseas property marketing company in the UK for an off-plan apartment in Kiti. Having returned from their viewing trip to Cyprus and despite them trying to persuade us to use their lawyer, we […]

Is our home in Cyprus mortgaged?

We receive many letters from people who are concerned that their developer may have mortgaged the land on which their property has been built. Typical of those letters is the one below – together with my advice on how to discover whether or not your property has been built on mortgaged land.

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