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28th January 2023
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An end to trapped buyers in the works

A bill has been placed before a plenary session of parliament that should prevent any more people buying property in Cyprus becoming 'trapped buyers'. For...

British bases title deeds delay ‘unacceptable’

Parliamentarians on Tuesday accused the administration of the Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) of "a display of sovereignty" in not approving the issuing of title...

Discussions to reduce Title Deeds delays

The delay in issuing Title Deeds was one of the topics discussed at a recent meeting between the Deputy Director of the Department of...

Trapped property buyers protection extended

By unanimous vote, parliament on Thursday passed a law extending to the end of 2022 the protection afforded to ‘trapped’ property buyers. It means the...

Title Deeds backlog reducing

Interior Minister Nicos Nouris said that the Title Deeds backlog had reduced during his speech at the 15th Land Development Conference in Nicosia on...

Cyprus: How important is a Title Deed?

The acquisition of a Title Deed is usually simple and straightforward, however, at times it can also involve a very complex and specialised process...

Planning issues the victim has to pay

The amendments to the Trapped Buyers law approved by parliament will hopefully help many more property buyers get their Title Deeds, but planning issues require urgent attention.

New trapped buyers bill vote tomorrow

A revised 'trapped buyers' bill designed to overcome the problems of the current law, which was introduced in 2015, and enable thousands of trapped buyers to get Title Deeds will be put to a vote tomorrow.

MPs in new bid to help trapped buyers

A revised draft bill to help trapped buyers to finally get the Title Deed for the property they purchased will go before the House Legal Affairs Committee next week so that the bill can go the plenary on 12 July

Solution for trapped buyers edging closer?

Amendments to the law designed to resolve the Title Deed mess by enabling trapped buyers who were duped into buying homes on land their developer had earlier mortgaged to the bank to obtain their Title Deeds are edging closer to a vote my MPs.

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