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Flood of foreclosure letters

Phileleftheros reports that during the second quarter of 2018 banks sent almost double the number of letters warning borrowers that they intend to foreclose compared to the first quarter.

July property sales up 26 per cent (Updated)

The number of properties sold in Cyprus during July rose by 26 per cent compared to July 2015 according to the latest official figures published by the Department of Lands and Surveys.

Little interest in Cyprus property auctions

The auctions by the Bank of Cyprus of ten properties valued in excess of €2.3 million got underway last week with just three of the seven plots in Paphos being sold yielding a total of €1.05 million.

Hammer time for foreclosures

Around 3,000 foreclosures have been pending at Land registries and thirty auctioneers are polishing their hammers to begin auctioning commercial buildings, holiday homes, and land owned by large debtors.

Foreclosure auction venues selected

A venue in each of the island’s districts has been selected where the auction of foreclosed properties will take place following a tender process by the Association of Cyprus Banks.

Bill to repossess homes put on the backburner

The Interior Ministry has informed parliament that a bill enabling mortgaged properties to be repossessed and auctioned off has been “suspended indefinitely due to the economic crisis.”

Liasides buyers act now and object to land auction

As reported last Sunday, the Alpha Bank has filed eight applications at the Paphos Land Registry to auction eight plots of land belonging to bankrupt property developer Yiannis Liasides.

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