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Wednesday 5th August 2020

Cyprus real estate sector performance insights

The Cyprus real estate sector contributed €3.24 billion to the Cypriot economy in 2019, which is higher than the combined contribution of the Financial and Insurance activities and the Manufacturing sectors.


Domestic property sales on the up

Property sales to the domestic market in Cyprus showed a marked improvement in June, although sales to the overseas market have yet to show any signs of making a recovery.

Cyprus house price index up 2.5 per cent

The Cyprus house price index rose by an average of 2.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the previous quarter according to official figures from the Cyprus Statistical Service (CYSTAT)

COVID-19 hits new homes in Cyprus

Permits for the construction of new homes in Cyprus fell by more than a half during April; the second month during which the COVID-19 containment measures continued to apply.

Parliament to vote on tougher citizenship rules

The House interior affairs committee has wrapped up discussing new regulations to tighten up the citizenship-by-investment scheme, flagged by the EU as a potential money-laundering risk.

You have insurance but are you insured?

The heavy winter rains have resulted in many insurance claims but as many have found to their horror, although their insurance premium has been paid, they discover that they're not insured when they make a claim.

Real estate big money not reaching Cyprus

European real estate investment has become cautious, and is focusing on northern Europe, which it perceives as more stable, explains the director of a London-based private equity firm.

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