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Sunday 19th September 2021
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Pissouri landslide victims slam state’s inaction

People who were living in Pissouri landslide homes accuse the government of double standards in comparison with fire-stricken areas. Residents of Pissouri homes that have either been destroyed or seriously...

Strong recovery in construction activity

Construction activity has made a strong recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 containment measures in 2020, with the number of building permits authorised...

Lack of overseas sales slowing market recovery

Figures released by the Department of Lands and Surveys earlier today reveal that the lack of property sales to overseas buyers is slowing the...

Property sales continue to improve

The number of property sales in Cyprus continued to improve in August 2021 compared to the same period last year according to figures released...

Property developers & banks face legal action

The Cyprus Consumer Protection Service (CCPS) has registered 56 applications at court against property developers and banks in connection with abusive clauses in consumer...

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Real estate outlook gloomy, Nicosia bucks trend

Real estate specialists are not optimistic over the sector's outlook, as property sales are struggling compared to pre-COVID-19 levels. Property sales in Cyprus dropped by...

Cyprus property prices continue to fluctuate

According to Q2 data processed by WiRE, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are still felt by the Cyprus Real Estate market, with sale...

Construction material prices escalating

The Price Index of Construction Materials recorded a significant annual increase of 13.6% in July, reaching 114.46 according to the Cyprus Statistical Service (CYSTAT). Compared...

Cyprus property market recovering steadily

The Cyprus property market continues its recovery with sales to the domestic and EU market leading the way, but sales to non-EU citizens are...

Price of houses stable, property rentals drop

Cyprus real estate prices & rentals recorded quarter-on-quarter drops across most property categories, but the value of houses remained stable, according to consultancy firm...

Building of 955 new homes authorised in Cyprus

April 2021 saw another surge in the planned number of new homes to be built in Cyprus according to the building permit statistics published...

As Cyprus changes so do properties

Large companies and high-net-worth individuals who purchase houses and apartments either to resell or rent them to third parties currently make up 20% of...

Cyprus first-time home buyers’ market

LionGlobal reports that the pandemic and the abolition of the Cyprus Investment Programme may have caused a crack in the Cypriot real estate market...

Living in a Cyprus kleptocracy

Soon after the report on the 'citizenship by investment' scheme, fellow economist George Koumoullis convincingly made the case that Cyprus is a kleptocracy –...

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Banking sector challenges lie ahead

The banking sector faces multiple challenges ranging from the large percentage of non-performing loans (NPLs) to climate change; despite progress made, speakers told the...
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