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What hope for justice in Cyprus?

WHEN Interior Ministry official Savvas Ioannou was questioned by Jean Christou about the ‘Immovable Property Tax Scam’, he was reported as saying: “This is not a matter where the state can intervene, but if a buyer feels that any term in the contract is abusive, this can be examined by the courts in the context […]

Cyprus property lawyer says contract cancellation fees are illegal

A major problem has been created by greedy property developers who insist on claiming cancellation fees from purchasers. The developers try to take advantage of buyers who wish to re-sell property purchased without a separate title deed.

Property buyers get “one finger salute” from Government

Home buyers and property investors will be outraged to learn that the Cyprus Government has given them a “one finger salute” by refusing to take action against property developers who illegally demand money from them under the guise of ‘Immovable Property Tax‘. A widely reported example of this scam involves an 83 year old British […]

Can we get our money back?

WE are new to all this and hoping for some help and advice. We paid a reservation fee of £2,500 to an overseas property marketing company in the UK for an off-plan apartment in Kiti. Having returned from their viewing trip to Cyprus and despite them trying to persuade us to use their lawyer, we […]

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