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1st December 2022
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Paralimni marina contract awarded

Paralimni marina – Source Sigmalive

A TENDER from the company “PMV Maritime Holdings Ltd” to construct and manage the Paralimni Marina has been accepted by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

PMV Maritime Holdings Ltd submitted a tender following an announcement on 16th June 2015 that a strategic investor was being sought with land and marine space to construct the Paralimni Marina.

The marina is to be built near the fishing reserve of Ayios Nicolaos and will be able to accommodate 300 vessels. The development will include residential and commercial developments.

According to the tender invitation document issued in June 2015:

“The Republic of Cyprus aims to develop a world class marina in order to achieve the establishment of a safe navigation zone, enhance the tourist experience and reduce seasonality of tourism arrivals in the area by attracting higher-spending year-round tourists.

“Tourism is a significant sector of the Cypriot economy. A number of tourism stakeholders of the public and private sectors have highlighted their belief that the development of marinas in Cyprus will provide an additional incentive to attract tourists throughout the year and will thus contribute to the improvement of the quality of the tourism product of Cyprus.

“the Paralimni Marina should not interfere with the orderly operation of the fishing shelter or its infrastructure.”



  1. It would appear that the “business men” behind the development of the marina are not averse to dealing with the north when they want thousands of tons of rock for the construction even if it does involve tearing a mountain range apart.Is there nothing that this government will not stop at to appease the greed of these developers. As always money rules they may have a marina and hotels etc but who would want to sail all the way up the Med to an island that will look like it has been in the war with Syria.

  2. Is it me… ?
    Or am I missing something ?

    It seems that a lot of Marina projects are in the forefront of the news at the moment. Ayia Napa (actually Macronnissos) Paphos and now Paralimni. M

    So it would appear that, the developers friends in the authorities are trying to provide for their mates. As the housing sector is hardly moving. Not to mention the design and law firms.

    You will see huge developments of this nature that will include high rise luxury apartments, I for one fear that these projects if they do actually start will change the local landscapes for ever and that alone will open the way for more inland high rise.

    Who is actually going to buy at these marinas any way….. Certainly NOT I as they will be asking stupid money for the plots …. buyer beware again.

  3. And who is the main shareholder of PMV Maritime Holdings.
    Let me guess.

    (Ed: You don’t have to guess – you can view the names of the company director and secretary by clicking here)

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