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More work needed on Ayia Napa marina

DESPITE considerable progress on the Ayia Napa Marina construction so far, a July completion is being pushed back as more work on infrastructure is necessary.

A recent video posted on YouTube shows progress with the marina’s construction but also a need for more time due to the heavy workload in the area, including engineering for the electromechanical and plumbing aspects of the project, transportation including a road network and parking garage.

According to previous estimates the Ayia Napa Marina won’t be until end of 2021, when two twin towers will be completed, while boats and private yachts were initially expected to be able to dock at the marina by this summer.

The two tall structures, 100-metre towers of unparalleled architecture, will offer 190 spacious apartments, 29 luxury homes, along with various commercial shops and restaurants, including public recreational areas for shoppers and visitors alike.

The first tower is set to be completed by December 2020 while the second tower’s deadline is set around December 2021. Based on their expected height, the twins would barely meet the definition of a skyscraper.

Speaking recently to Gold News, Egyptian billionaire businessman Naguib Sawiris who put the project together with his Cypriot business partner Stavros Caramondanis said that the “Ayia Napa Marina is a unique project, not just for Cyprus, but for the whole of Europe, mainly due to the innovative technology used for constructing both the marina and its other spaces. The project has already gained worldwide acclaim, exemplified by the fact that we are enjoying increased interest from buyers all over the world, especially from the Russian, Middle Eastern and Asian markets, while 78% of the Ayia Napa Marina East tower has already been sold.”

The Ayia Napa marina will have a capacity of 600 vessels up to 60 metres in length with construction costs estimate to be in the region of €220 million.

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  1. How stupid of me to be surprised to read ‘island villas’ and ‘beach villas’…….Marinas are supposed to be for boats; but not in Cyprus, got to get the visa-for-passports people interested.

    Glad I’ve still got my memories of the original, quiet, fishermen’s harbour of the 1980s and ’90s.

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