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ETEK call to rehome Pissouri families

The Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) has called on the Government to rehome the families in Pissouri whose homes suffered considerable damage by the on-going landslide.

ETEK calls for stricter supervision

ETEK has called for stricter supervision of building permits and urged the public to check that engineers they wish to employ are registered and licensed after a women claiming to be an architect was arrested.

President asks ETEK for advice on Title Deeds

Faced with the problem of clearing the current backlog of some 100,000 Title Deeds, some of which go back more than two decades, President Anastasiades has asked ETEK for advice.

Worries over new concrete buildings safety

The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) says that the government allowed dangerous changes to be made to concrete standards last year lowering the quality and durability of buildings.

Town Planning Amnesty architects and engineers

The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) has published a list of architects and civil engineers who can assist in the submission of Statements of Intent and Applications under the provisions of the Town Planning Amnesty laws.

ETEK calls for demolition of illegal buildings

The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) has called on the government to demolish illegally constructed buildings, according to a recent report in the Greek language newspaper Politis.

Revised Title Deed legislation hits snag

The much-anticipated bills to resolve the Title Deed issues have hit a snag, after it emerged yesterday that not all concerned had been properly consulted during the preparation of the legislation.

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