Title Deeds Confusion


I found your article on title deeds very interesting, because last year with the amnesty announced, we decided that after purchasing our property in 2000, and still no title deeds in sight, we would apply under this new legislation.

We proceeded to fill in all the necessary forms with house plans (as we had made some alterations) and we presented them at Larnaca Town planning. We were asked to pay two amounts, one of £250 and the other £125, which was apparently something to do with the developer, but I’m not sure what.

We were led to believe with the amnesty that irregularities or any illegal alterations would be considered with the amnesty, in order for people to obtain the certificate for the title deeds. However, on Thursday we received a telephone call from town planning, advising us that our application had been rejected as we had exceeded the 10 per cent allowed. At no time were we advised of this and had we have known would never have spent nearly £400 for nothing.

Surely, what is the true definition of an amnesty? The government should have made it clear to all applicants. We were promised out title deeds within two years of purchase and here we are in 2006 still waiting, and the developer still has three more houses to build, which will be for his own family, and also we have since found out that three of the properties built on our complex were built without a licence. The Title Deed situation is like a bottomless pit!

Alexandra Timmis,

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