Can Cyprus Cope with a Property Boom?


I read with interest your story urging us to “get ready for a property boom” (October 4). Is Cyprus equipped to cope with this new demand for housing and as a result the need for more residence permits and access to healthcare? The current system seems stretched beyond its resources. As an example, my husband and I have been waiting 10 months for our medical cards and immigration documents.

As British citizens, we are of course entitled to health care in Cyprus under a reciprocal agreement; however, seemingly this is not possible until we are in receipt of the aforementioned documents.

Having lived in other countries in Europe it is quite clear that housing prices are increasing throughout all countries, and this would appear to be a normal phenomenon where first time buyers struggle with first homes.

Maybe if deeds were issued more quickly i.e. less than the two plus years it takes now, then money would return to the budget and more people could work within Town Planning Departments, reducing the lengthy waiting times and the bureaucratic procedures that Mr. Christoforou mentions.

Cyprus is a lovely country and my Cypriot neighbours have welcomed us in the same way that we welcomed the many Cypriot people who came to live along side us in London.

Judith McCleary,

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