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Property businesses expect increased domestic demand

Those in the property business anticipate that improvements in market conditions may lead to an increase in domestic demand.

Will Cyprus face the wrath of the EU Parliament?

The Cyprus government could face the wrath of the European Parliament if it fails to protect the rights of those who have bought property on the island.

Has the Cyprus government misled us?

The truth was revealed at a Title Deed seminar organised by the Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) at the Elysium Hotel in Paphos last Thursday.

Cyprus title misdeeds

Property developers in Cyprus are strong-arming the government to do their bidding by holding up the spectre of economic collapse.

Cyprus offering too little too late for Ryanair

“The urgency being shown by competing countries doesn’t seem to be shared by Cyprus. We could have been flying tourists in before the crisis broke.”

Cyprus popularity declines with British holiday home buyers

Cyprus’ popularity amongst overseas property investors from Britain is in decline according to reports from the overseas property portal

Property tax revenues crash

The Cyprus Government coffers are in dire trouble as a result of the crash in property sales which has caused Capital Gains Tax receipts to plummet by more than 83%.

Cyprus marina developments stalled by bureaucracy

Although more than 20 years have passed since initial studies into the five big marina projects in Cyprus were undertaken, work on their construction has yet to begin.

Costs of owning an apartment in Cyprus

Did you know that if you buy an apartment in Cyprus you must contribute to the costs of insuring, maintaining, repairing and managing the jointly-owned parts of the building?

Cyprus to relax rules for Iranians buying property

According to a report in today’s Financial Mirror, Iranians buying property in Cyprus in excess of EUR 350,000 will be eligible to obtain residency status.

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