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Leptos Buyers Action Group Press Release

Established in 2008 in conjunction with the Cyprus Property Action Group, the Leptos Buyers Action Group has issued a press release announcing the launch of its website.

TOMORROW Sunday 1 August 2010 we launch our website below; to see it just click on the link below or copy it in to your Internet browser. /

Why a Website? – Because after 9 months of many reasonable requests for a meeting, to discuss improving the way property is sold by a ‘leading’ Cyprus property company, the Leptos Buyers Action Group (LBAG) received rejection after rejection, LBAG has had to resort to building their own website to tell the story.

How can you help? Quite simply by registering on the website, by clicking on the link below:

The main objective of the website is ‘To bring Leptos Estates Group to the Table’ to discuss the points that can be found by clicking on the link below:

It is not the objective of LBAG to damage either the Leptos company nor the economy of Cyprus but to get our reasonable demands met.

Leptos Buyers Action Group
Saturday 31st July 2010

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  • Denton Mackrell says:

    Sorry if I’ve accidentally blundered into the wrong blog trail but is this entry in a medical reference book relevant to anything? Probably not.

    “Leptospirosis, an infectious spirochaetal disease, usually rat-borne; can infect humans, sometimes fatally. The disease is usually spread to humans via rat urine contamination of e.g. water. Human infection results in an acute fever lasting 7-10 days in which major organs can be damaged, sometimes fatally. Leptospirosis responds poorly to antibiotics and is best dealt with by prevention and not bathing in dubious waters”.

    Anyone know anything about this complaint?

  • Paddy Privillage Palms says:

    Guys, as a newly scammed Cypriot property purchaser, alongside my fellow purchasers, you have my utmost respect & support. Roll on the Financial Ombudsman, or do we just get the MEPs to shout in the European Parliament

  • LBAG says:

    Hi Hector,

    Sorry you have had some technical problem in posting on our website can I suggest that either you try again (as we are getting substantial numbers of people posting).
    Or that you send an email to detailing what you wish to say.

  • paul ruse says:

    Is the Aristo action group alive and well ?. After the developers why not an action group against corrupt / dishonest lawyers. Which is our next problem. paul & myrtle ruse.

  • Chris Woodward says:

    Being the victim of another, albeit smaller incompetent developer I definitely lend my support to this action group ~ wishing them the very best of luck! Chris

  • Hector says:

    I have attempted to add my support on the website but if isn’t accepting it. I wish them every success in their quest to simply get what they have paid for. I hope that Leptos will respond in a fair, reasonable and prompt manner.

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