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Parliament blamed for Title Deed bills hold up

Neoclis Sylikiotis, the Cyprus Interior Minister, claims that a group of MPs are systematically trying to delay the progress of the Title Deed bills through parliament.

Prices & valuations what is your house worth?

Why is my neighbour’s house better than mine, but my house is more expensive than his? This article examines the concepts and differences between the price of a house, its value and its worth.

Buying property in Cyprus – book review

For anyone wishing to avoid unnecessary heartache and financial loss when buying property in Cyprus, this book is an essential reference – Dr Alan Waring.

Cyprus protesters at overseas property exhibition

British home buyer Conor O’Dwyer supported by members of the Alpha Panareti Owners Group staged a protest outside ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ overseas property exhibition at Earls Court in London.

Please tell me why Mr President

In a letter to the President of Cyprus, Demetris Chrisofias, a reader who wishes to remain anonymous asks the simple question why.

Golf courses in Cyprus at Fasouri and Limni

Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis expects that licences for the golf courses at Fasouri and Limni will soon be authorised by the Town Planning Department.

Cyprus planning amnesty bills delayed

Voting by Cyprus MPs on three planning amnesty bills has been postponed for two weeks at the request of Democratic Party member Andreas Angelides.

Banks say town planning bills unconstitutional

The Association of Cyprus Banks believes that some provisions in the three town planning bills currently awaiting parliamentary approval are unconstitutional and has called on the government to think again.

MEP questions Cyprus swimming pool legal rulings

MEP Arlene McCarthy has called on the EC to ensure unfair legal proceedings against Cyprus swimming pool owners are halted and that the correct European standards are enforced.

Property sales continue fall in February

February 2011 saw a further drop in property sales in Cyprus compared with the same period last year, with the number of properties sold down by 14 percent.

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