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1st December 2022
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Sovereign Base Areas development agreement in full

FULL details of the landmark agreement between Cyprus and the United Kingdom enabling the development of land within the Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) have been released.

The agreement lifts restrictions on the development of land in the non-military areas in the Sovereign Base Areas that have been in place since Cyprus gained its independence in 1960.

Earlier today President Anastasiades briefed community leaders and party representatives on the agreement, which has been hailed by many as “historic”.

The agreement applies to properties extending to approximately 198 square kilometres, representing 78 per cent of the Sovereign Bases area.

Under the 1960 Treaty of Establishment, properties within the Akrotiri and Dhekelia SBAs could only be used as agricultural land and no building development was permitted.

The agreement will benefit 3 Municipalities and 17 Communities:

  • The Municipalities of Deryneia, Kato Polemidia and Ypsonas.
  • The Communities of Akrotiri, Asomatos, Avdimou, Erimi, Episkopi, Kolossi, Trachoni, Sotira and Paramali in the Limassol district.
  • The Communities of Avgorou, Acheritou, Achna and Frenaros in the Famagusta district.
  • The Communities of Xylotimpou, Xylofagou, Ormidia and Pyla in the Larnaca district.

Most of the communities affected by the agreement have welcomed the new arrangements, but some expressed their doubts as to whether they would be allowed to develop their properties.

Further reading

The arrangement between the government of Cyprus and the government of the United Kingdom relating to the regulation of development in the Sovereign Base Areas.



  1. This was one of the proposals put before Archbishop Makarios in 1959. He turned it down as he didn’t want Cyprus to be like Gibraltar. What a pity and what an opportunity missed for Gibraltar is a very prosperous place with more millionaires per capita than anywhere else and no unemployment, no bail-in and justice for all.

  2. @ UBoat; you’re absolutely right. A wasted opportunity, what a bloody shambolic government we have.

  3. Why has OUR government not used the bargaining power to insist ALL the outstanding Titles are issued free of encumbrances to All of Our British citizens who have invested a future in Cyprus ????

    A Missed opportunity ? Or we don’t care less ?

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