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Cyprus Title Deeds: an avenue of hope?

If the property you have bought in Cyprus does not have a separate Title Deed, then you may wait for a long time for its transfer to your name.

An Oasis in the Search for Title Deeds

THE PROTECTION of the rights of buyers of immovable property in Cyprus constitutes a chaotic and worrying reality. Thousands of bona fide and well-intentioned investors, local and foreign, have been investing their money for many years in the property industry of the island, buying houses, villas and apartments. One of the basic promises is that […]

Stuck Waiting for Title Deeds?

Action can be taken through the courts to ensure receipt in a reasonable time to get there hands on long-awaited title deeds, home buyers should seek a court order which obliges the seller to take all duly and necessary actions to obtain the requested permits and approvals including the necessary application for the issuance of […]

Investing Wisely in Cyprus Property

Before you launch yourself on to the property ladder, make sure you are taking all the right factors into account advises George Coucounis A careful look at developments in the real estate market in Cyprus through professional practice and study reveals that people ought to be extremely cautious. The returns of investments in this sector […]

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