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Troika expected in Cyprus 27 Jan

The Troika of Cyprus’ international lenders – the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – are expected to return to Cyprus on 27th January.

It’s naïve to think politicians will get us out of this mess

As it was dishonourable and dishonest politicians who got us into this mess it’s naïve to expect them to get us out of it; as they demonstrated when they voted to delay the foreclosures law.

Repossession legislation delayed

Finance Minister Harris Georgiades had some harsh words to say after opposition MPs forced a delay in the implementation of the repossession legislation at the plenary session of parliament today.

Will Cyprus get next bailout tranche?

Although the foreclosures law has yet to be voted by parliament, the Cypriot authorities believe that the troika of international lenders will disburse the next tranche of the bailout on 15 December.

Repossessions bill delayed to clear troika funds

A vote on two bills to suspend the implementation of the repossessions legislation will probably take place after 15 December by which time Cyprus should have received the next bailout tranche.

Troika team remain in Cyprus

Although they were scheduled to leave Cyprus today, a team from the Troika of international lenders will remain on the island until next Tuesday to discuss the insolvency framework.

Insolvency bills delay

Troika officials are unhappy with delays in the insolvency bills as only three of the four bills have been drafted to date and the chances of them reaching parliamentary committee by early December are slim.

Troika to discuss insolvency framework

A team from the troika is expected to arrive in Cyprus on 10th November for consultations on continuing the €10 billion bailout program and are expected to remain on the island until 14th November.

Foreclosure bill bunfight continues

The debate in the Cyprus parliament on the controversial foreclosure bill continues with opposition parties refusing to support the bill in its present form and calling for a series of amendments.

Repossession agreement leaked

Some details of the agreement reached between the Cyprus government and the Troika of international lenders to ease the procedures for property repossessions have been leaked to the media.

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