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Cyprus property market heading for crash

Following the patterns recently reported in the Spanish property market that the housing market is on the brink of collapse, Cyprus the destination for many holiday home buyers from the UK is recording negative drops in value. Much of the problem lies in the fact that the property developers in Cyprus have over developed certain […]

Issue of Building Permit for Cyprus Property

I have read your book and as I understand it, Planning Permission must be granted before applying for a Building Permit.Is my understanding correct or can my architect apply for a building permit at the same time? Many thanks Answer That’s right, your architect usually needs to have secured Planning Permission before he/she can apply […]

Cyprus Property: Getting Right-of-Way

I have a plot which does not have direct access to the public highway; can you advise me how to about getting access to my property officially? I understand that if it is within 300′ from a road then you can get it, but I’m not sure of the procedure. It’s quite possible you have […]

Buying Cyprus Property? Beware of Hidden Extras!

CYPRUS is placed 14th out of 37 European countries when it comes to transaction costs in purchasing a house, with buyers needing an extra 11 per cent to cover fees and charges when they buy here. A study by the Global Property Guide shows 23 countries with lower transaction costs than Cyprus, including Malta at […]

Property Buyers Warning

There are many retired Britons living in Cyprus who prey on the fears (and wallets) of their fellow countrymen. Acting illegally as property middlemen, they receive a finders fee or commission from their ‘friends’ in the property business when they introduce would-be purchasers. It makes no difference whether you allow yourself to be conned by […]

Financing of Real Estate Acquisitions in Cyprus

Securing finance for the acquisition of real estate is being developing constantly in Cyprus. The financial institutions up to the year 2003 did not look upon financing for such purposes, as being an attractive proposition for them and the amount of the loans was around up to 50% of the purchase price and with a […]

Cyprus Home Price Index up 0.8 percent in March

The index is published monthly by BuySell Cyprus Real Estate, a real estate advertiser. The company started to produce its price index in 2004. It shows the movement of prices at which residential properties in Cyprus are sold and is based on an average of around 400 to 500 home sales/month. When the index started […]

How do we ensure our Cyprus property is energy efficient

We have been living in Cyprus for a year and have decided to build a property on some land we’ve bought near Marathounta. The rented property we’re currently living in has no insulation, heating or air conditioning and it gets very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Is there anything we can do […]

Dolphin Acquires 80% of Aristo Cyprus Property Developers

Dolphin Capital Investors (Dolphin), the leading investors in the residential resort sector in south-east Europe, announced the acquisition of an 80% shareholding in Aristo Developers Plc. Dolphin has secured a 60% shareholding from Mr. Theodoros Aristodimou, the principal shareholder and founder of Aristo, in exchange for €128.7m and a 15% interest in the Dolphin vehicle […]

Documentation Required for Cyprus Property Title Deeds

What documentation do I need to produce in order to get the Title Deeds please Nigel? Answer To get your Title Deeds, the District Lands’ Office require the following information: A certified copy of the Council of Ministers’ permission to acquire the property or a Certificate of Permanent Residence issued by the District Administration Office […]

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