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3rd December 2021
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Protest at the Cyprus High Commission in London

Cyprus High Commission London protest
TIMED to maximise embarrassment to Cyprus by coinciding with its taking over the EU’s rotating presidency, a group of protestors held a peaceful demonstration outside the offices of the High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus in London’s St. James Square yesterday.

The wet weather didn’t dissuade the protestors who had travelled to London for the day from many parts of the UK including Aberdeen, Newcastle, Darlington, Stoke and Manchester.

Carrying placards reading ‘We demand and end to corruption now’, ‘Cyprus Island of fraud’ and ‘Cyprus unfit for the EU’ the protesters allege they have been defrauded or mis-sold property.

We understand that the Consul General invited a few of the protestors into his office for a chat. Although he said that would try and help in any way he can, his powers are limited.

We understand that further protests are planned in the coming months at UK overseas property exhibitions and Cypriots banks.


  1. Please let me know when you are going to protest at the Alpha bank, i will be there! I am just beginning the start of my journey with solicitors to take my case forward with Alpha bank and Off Plan developments in the UK. Both of which have brought misery to my life over the past few years. Keen to bring attention to this fiasco.

  2. Reference the Alpha bank protest, yes please make it known when and where it will take place.

    For anyone not in, or unable to get to the UK, perhaps we could have a parallel demo here in Cyprus?

  3. I think our protest did exactly what it was designed to do – embarrass the Cypriot High Commission. Although we had a long discussion with Georgios Georgiou the Consul General, we realise that he has only limited influence and that as a diplomat he must present himself in a helpful way. I have a particular problem which I asked for his assistance on and he promised to do his best.

    He was worried that we might be there all week and breathed a sigh of relief when we said we were there for just a day ! We will be protesting outside Alpha bank in London later this year and anyone is welcome to join us. This problem will not go away and neither will we, whatever the weather !

  4. It only takes a few protestors to get the attention of the media – and raise the profile of their campaign issues. Good luck to them and may they benefit from the experience and go from strength to strength in getting their message across to the Cyprus authorities in London – and by inference those in Nicosia.

  5. I hope the public are made aware that buying in southern Cyprus can, and does ruin peoples lives.

    It would appear the ROC doesn’t give a stuff about anything except squeezing the last drop out of the cash cow.

    If they wanted to clean up their act, they would have done it years ago; instead they not only allow the various scams to continue unabated, they are actively involved in extorting money through the land registry.

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