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6th July 2022
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Non-Performing Loans

Fitch warns of threats to Cyprus banks’ balance sheets

Fitch rating agency reaffirmed Cypriot banks' negative outlook noting the general environment poses threats to their balance sheets. In a report on the Cyprus banks,...

NPLs remain at 18 per cent of total bank loans

Statistics published by the Cyprus Central Bank reveal that non-performing loans (NPLs) in May 2021 accounted for 18.07% of total bank loans; unchanged from...

KEPIDES starts bad bank transformation

After some delay, Cyprus has started the process of transforming the Cyprus Asset Management Company (KEDIPES) into a national asset management company, also known...

700 borrowers unviable for Estia relief scheme

A total of 700 borrowers with non-performing loans (NPLs) amounting to about €173 million were deemed non-viable for loan subsidisation under the Estia scheme,...

Managing toxic loans outside the banking system

Terms like "non-performing loans", "foreclosures", "loan sales" entered our lives in the last decade as a result of the global financial crisis, as well...

Bad bank would reduce debt mountain

Economists have welcomed the idea of creating a state-owned bad bank to help the banking system offload toxic loans to focus on supporting a...

NAMA Mia! Here We Go Again (reprised)

The Cyprus government is looking to establish a 'bad bank' or NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) by transforming the Cyprus Asset Management Company (KEPIDES). A...

Cash-rich banks stockpiling real estate

Cash-rich banks are stockpiling properties as they turn to buy real estate linked to mortgages of defaulted borrowers as banking institutions dominate the property market.

Banks to offload €4 billion NPLs

The Bank of Cyprus and the Hellenic Bank will sell non-performing loans (NPLs) worth €4 billion by the end of February enabling them to dispose of more than 10% of their problematic loans.

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