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3rd December 2021
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Town Planning Amnesty deadline approaching

October 7th is last date on which 'Statements of Intent' may be submitted under the provisions of the Town Planning Amnesty. After this date, applicants have three years to apply to the relevant Town Planning or Building Authority for a Certificate of Final Approval.

Town Planning Amnesty architects and engineers

The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) has published a list of architects and civil engineers who can assist in the submission of Statements of Intent and Applications under the provisions of the Town Planning Amnesty laws.

Cyprus Town Planning Amnesty penalties announced

The Ministry of Interior has published the penalty charges to be levied under the temporary provisions of the Cyprus Town Planning Amnesty for planning irregularities resulting from overbuilding.

Town Planning Amnesty explained

Yiannis Koutsolambros of the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus held a seminar at the Paphos UKCA to explain the provisions of the government's Town Planning Amnesty.

Town Planning Amnesty statement of intent DIY guide

People who have bought property in Cyprus and have yet to receive their Title Deeds can file a Statement of Intent to apply for their Title Deeds under the provisions of the Island's Town Planning Amnesty laws.

Ministry of Interior planning amnesty announcement

The Ministry of Interior has recently made the following announcement concerning the submission of applications under the recently announced Planning Amnesty laws.

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