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4th December 2021
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Giovanis’ Sun City project illegalities (update)

The Sun City project in Ayia Napa, in which the former Akel deputy Christakis Giovanis’ Giovani Group is involved, is facing allegations of illegally building two extra floors and questions over whether environmental impact assessments were thorough enough.

Located in the Ayia Thekla area, next to the marina, the Giovani Group project has also been scrutinised by the European Commission.

Giovanis resigned his post earlier this month after he appeared ready in an undercover Al Jazeera video to help a Chinese businessman with a criminal record – who it later emerged was fictitious – secure a Cypriot passport.

The five-star resort received permission for seven levels, five stories, a basement and ground floor, but construction appears to violate these terms with seven stories currently under construction. Permission was granted for 203 rooms comprising an area of 15,930m2.

But as reported by daily Phileleftheros, the plot of land in question falls within the tourist zone T2a of the Sotira Municipality – where only hotels of up to three floors or five levels are allowed.

It is not immediately clear how permission for seven levels in total was granted.

The Sun City project now appears to be set for nine levels in total, almost double what would usually be permitted.

The application was rejected but the company filed an appeal. The appeal was examined as recently as October 12 and according to Phileleftheros, the ministerial committee once again rejected the move.

It is understood that “the necessary measures are being taken to end the illegalities”.

As for the environmental aspect of the Sun City project, the town planning department requested an environmental impact assessment on September 6, 2016.

Less than three months later, November 29, the environmental assessment was submitted, and the department granted permission for the project on April 4, 2017.

The permission was given to JimChang Cyprus Developing Co. Limited, of which Giovanis is listed as a director.

Sun City is also located near two areas of special ecological value, which have been included in the European network of nature conservation areas Natura 2000.

These include the special protection area (SPA) of Agia Thekla – Liopetri and the site of community importance (SCI) Potamos Liopetriou.

The European Commission has launched infringement procedures against Cyprus for failing to comply with the EU Directives for nature protection on several projects including this one.

A spokesperson for the Giovani Group told Phileleftheros that there are many inaccuracies in the issues raised above.

He claimed that there were some “procedural” issues and that while there may appear to be seven floors, the top floor in fact acts as a support for the hotel.

Update 21 October (reporting Financial Mirror)

It’s been reported today that the Sun City hotel complex in Ayia Napa involving Giovani Group developers of disgraced AKEL MP Christakis Giovanis’ will have two illegal extra floors knocked down.

On Wednesday, website Philenews quoted Interior Minister Nicos Nouris saying: “Local authorities have concluded that the development was carried out in violation of environmental impact assessment provisions and town planning regulations.”

According to Philenews, the developers are obliged, within a time limit set, to demolish the additional floors that were built illegally and restore the project on the basis of provisions set in the environmental approval and urban planning permit.

The European Commission has launched infringement procedures against Cyprus for failing to comply with the EU Directives for nature protection on several projects including this one.


  1. Good they’ve forced them to demolish – that will make a sizeable ‘dent’ in Giovani’s final profit on the scheme – if it actually happens?

    Who will hold this action down to completion I wonder? Doubtful, from Caroline’s remarks (and personal experience) it will be entirely the courts….

  2. It is not just Giovanni who is corrupt but the sotira council who helped push this project,why destroy a loverly area for the local people who now have no were to go after there long hard working week.

  3. “It is not immediately clear how permission for seven levels in total was granted.”

    Seriously? Perhaps the author needs to watch the Al Jazeera video – for a bit of possible clarity?

  4. Not new news , people know how corrupt it is, they went against environmental assessments, the same as the marina in Limassol and villas in paphos on the coast line coral Bay Area and in the nature reserve areas , bank , solicitor, developer same story , we all need justice , I am in courts with their corruption and I will fight for everyone , I believe in fate and Cyprus will pay for their corruption the eu is just as corrupt as most of the world .

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