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4th December 2021
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Corruption is the number one problem in Cyprus

Cypriots consider corruption as the biggest problem currently faced by the country with the coronavirus pandemic a close second, according to a survey published by state broadcaster CyBC.

The poll, presented on Thursday night, also gave ruling Disy the lead in the upcoming parliamentary elections while President Nicos Anastasiades received a high rate of disapproval.

The survey found 28 per cent of the sample of 1,400 people thought corruption was the number one problem. The pandemic was in second place with 26 per cent.

It was followed by the economy with 18 per cent and the Cyprus problem, 17 per cent. Eight per cent of those canvassed said they were all equally important.

Most people interviewed, or 52 per cent, also believe that Cyprus is a country where corruption will always be present though 39 per cent think it could get rid of corruption. Nine per cent did not give a view.

Sixty-eight per cent said the country was headed in the wrong direction with 13 per cent disagreeing. Nineteen per cent said neither right not wrong.

Of those asked, 19 per cent said they had enough income to live comfortably, 43 per cent replied that they could not make ends meet, and 38 per cent were either finding it difficult or very difficult.

Disy topped preferences ahead of May’s parliamentary election, chalking a 19 per cent vote with main opposition Akel in second place with 17 per cent.

Voters gave Diko 10.5 per cent, the Greens 6 per cent, and the melange of hunters and independents, 5 per cent.

Extreme right Elam garnered 4.5 per cent, Edek, 4 per cent, former Diko chairman Marios Garoyian’s Democratic Group, 3 per cent, and Solidarity, 1.5 per cent.

Around 2.5 per cent said they were voting something else, 2 per cent would cast a blank ballot, 7.5 per cent were undecided, and 15.5 per cent would abstain.

Green party leader Charalambos Theopemptou emerged the most popular with 57 per cent approval, followed by Solidarity’s Eleni Theocharous with 47 per cent. Disy chief Averof Neophytou received 32 while Diko chairman Nicolas Papadopoulos got 29 per cent along with Garoyian. Edek’s Marinos Sizopoulos was two percentage points behind them, Akel’s Andros Kyprianou, 26 per cent, and Elam’s Christos Christou, 19 per cent.

Sixty-six per cent said they were dissatisfied with the way Anastasiades was performing his duties.



  1. Could you please provide the name of agency or polling institute that supplied these polling results, and the sample. This will help as a reference point later when other polling numbers come in.

    43pct Could not make end meet means they cannot service their debt and possibly within there is a component that is poverty stricken? Now that is massive. Dec 2020 the Cyprus mail reported…as at risk poverty? See below . Also quite surprised to see that all 100pct answered this very sensitive question. So this means there was a forced answer grid? This also means that the 43pct may also be slightly under reported, due to overclaim.. or the other 2..not everyone proud Cypriots wants to advertise their poverty on a survey.

    Who are these 19pct comfortable in terms of job demography? Is public sector that makes up around 16 to 18pct of the employed market, mostly sitting in this 19pct….do you know who are these households demographically? Please enlighten us as well.

    Give more clarity please where you can. Yes you have limited word allocation constraint I understand, but still clarity and sourcing of results is important otherwise it may lose on credence. Corruption has been here for decades but was never addressed because the private sector employees and tourism workers got some of the pie…..but now this is a hot issue due to private sector collapse.. Right?. A bit too late to address in our generation ..sad to admit.

    “As much as 15.3 per cent of the population of Cyprus is at risk of poverty, (2019 figure), up from 14.7 per cent in 2018, according to a study released on Thursday by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI). Statistics from the SEK in February showed that this number had increased to close to 25 per cent, under the pressure of the pandemic crisis’.

  2. I have lived hear 18 years. I feel corruption is getting better over the years but still needs a lot of work

    • Correct, it improving over the decades! Corruption leads to talent migration, and once abroad, they settle in and come back to the homeland to swim, eat, celebrate re unions and some settle to pass away. Repatriate funds keep our little paradise island running for the few whose talent corruption economics is their forte to fund further their sub system of wealth creation outside the official mainstream system of disclosure.

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