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Thursday 17th June 2021
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Domestic and overseas property sales increase

Sales of property in Cyprus to the domestic and overseas market both improved in June according to the latest statistics from the Department of Lands and Surveys with the number of contracts deposited increasing.

Domestic sales tumble

Sales of property in Cyprus to the domestic market during December fell more than 40 per cent compared with December 2011, while sales over the year were at their lowest level this century.

Domestic sales improve – overseas sales decline

Although the number of properties sold to Cypriot buyers improved for a second consecutive month in January, there is still no sign of a recovery in the Island's overseas property market where the number of sales continues to decline.

Encouraging signs in domestic property sale figures

Although the overall picture for property sales in Cyprus last year was extremely disappointing, there are some positive signs in the figures for December, which show that domestic sales increased.

Domestic property sales decline in September

Figures published yesterday by the Department of Lands and Surveys reveal that the number of properties sold in the domestic market is declining in the second half of the year.

Domestic property sales improve

Although the recovery in Cyprus’ beleaguered overseas property market appears to be faltering, domestic sales are strong with growth so far this year in double-digits.

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